Our Mission

The Emily Stillman Foundation was created in 2014 to preserve the memory of Emily Nicole Stillman. Emily was a 19 year old sophomore at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan. On January 31st, 2013, Emily called home complaining of a headache. Thirty-six hours later, she passed away. We learned that Emily had contracted Serogroup B of Meningococcal Disease – the only serogroup not included in the vaccine that was being used in the United States. Emily was able to donate 6 of her organs, together with bones and tissue, to save the lives of 5 others.

The mission of The Emily Stillman Foundation is to raise awareness for meningococcal disease and organ donation.

Get Vaccinated Programs

The Emily Stillman Foundation started “Get Vaccinated” programs to help people gain access to the MenB vaccinations before they were available in the United States. We chartered buses to escort families across the Detroit/Windsor boarder to obtain these vaccines. When the two MenB vaccines became licensed in the United States (Trumenba in October of 2014 and Bexsero in January of 2015), it was no longer necessary to go abroad to get this protection. We began to set up our “Get Vaccinated” programs locally. We will continue to offer these clinics as long as they are needed. Learn More.

Organ & Tissue Donations

One of goals of The Emily Stillman Foundation is that one day organ/tissue donations for transplantation will be something one must “opt out of”, not “sign up for”. Through extensive training provided by Gift of Life Michigan, we have come to learn astonishing facts. There is a critical need for organ and tissue donations in the United States.

Organ and tissue transplantations have evolved and improved so much, but the need for donations remain at an all-time high. We would like to explain and encourage organ donations from the unique perspective of a donor family. It is important for people to realize how a decision at one’s darkest moment can change the lives of so many other people, and ultimately their own as well. Learn more.